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1. You get the best quality MSM available. We refuse to compromise on quality. The only MSM we will supply is Pure MSM with no fillers, expanders or binding agents. We supply the MSM in Crystal form.
2. MSM Derived from the liquid left after the extraction of cellulose from pulped TREES, not manufactured from Petrochemicals. Our MSM is from North America, not China.
3. You are supporting a 100% Australian Owned and operated family business, and we intend to stay that way.
4. Dependability. We're not necessarily the cheapest, but we stand firm behind our products. We know it is good quality.
5. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable phone or email service. Two of us are Qualified Naturopaths. We're passionate about health, and we are willing to answer your questions. Our contact details are at the top of every page on this website.

A Little about MSM

MSM-Australia Supplies Tested, Bonding Agent Free and Expander Free, Full Strength 100% Pure MSM. Our MSM comes from North America. Its Produced, Refined and Purified in America. Our MSM Supplement is made from the liquid containing lignin from trees. Our MSM is refined by distillation. Our MSM Supplement is not Chinese, not irradiated, has no fillers, bonding agents or expanders and has been tested and found to be contaminant free. The Chemical formula for MSM is CH3SO2CH3.

Are You Sulfur Deficient?

Sulfur deficiencies can be associated with;
Slow wound healing, Scar tissue, Brittle nails, Brittle hair, Gastrointestinal problems, Regulation of inflammation, Lung dysfunction, Immune dysfunction, Arthritis, Allergies, Acne, Skin conditions like Rashes and many more Minor and Major complaints. The body is in a constant state of self repair, but if we do not have enough of all the necessary "parts" i.e. enough Sulfur, amino acids and other nutrients, the end result is going to be less than perfect.


We need bio available organic Sulfur to live. With our current western "highly processed" diet, we typically don't get nearly enough. Sulfur is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the body. Most abundant is Calcium, then Phosphorus. Sulfur is highly water soluble, and hence easily lost in sweat, urination and defecation. The body needs a constant flow of Sulfur coming in, in order to function properly. Without sufficient Sulfur in our bodies, we eventually suffer from an array of crippling diseases. Early work by Dr. Stanley Jacobs indicated that DMSO, another form of Sulfur, could aid the body in fighting disease. His experiments included tests with Animals using DMSO on Cancer, Arthritis and a variety of other inflammatory and auto-immune diseases. He had startling success. You can read about his experiments and findings in his book (also available on this website) called The Miracle of MSM or his more recent book MSM - The Definitive Guide. When he transferred this knowledge to human patients, he did discover one small problem. While his patients would happily stay on the DMSO for the duration of the test, or until they had relieved their particular ailments, they tended not to want to stay on it any longer than was necessary. The reason being, DMSO has the unfortunate side effect of giving you bad B.O. While the animals didn't care, human patients did. The answer came a few years later with MSM.

The Birth of MSM

MSM is a derivative of DMSO. MSM is actually DMSO2 (it has an extra Oxygen atom attached to it). It is essentially the same as DMSO, but without the terrible smelly side effect. MSM still contains the same natural bio-available Sulfur. MSM has been shown to work almost as effectively as DMSO. DMSO is also difficult to get into Australia. Sulfur can also be found in very fresh fruit and veggies, (especially onions and eggs) but when do we get truly fresh veggies now? Only if we grow our own, pick them then eat them raw or lightly cooked (steamed is best). Because MSM is very water soluble you will loose a good deal of it just washing your Fruit and Vegetables in water! The Sulfur in MSM is very stable. In Crystalline form, it will stay put until mixed with water or body fluids. Its also more bio-available in Crystalline form then in tablet form. We supply our MSM in Crystalline form. We recommend taking it with a glass of water (best choice) , or fruit juice if you don't mind the sugar in the juice. MSM does not taste very good but fruit juice, Pineapple juice in particular, masks the taste very well. MSM is non-toxic. While taking MSM, particularly when just starting, we recommend you drink about 6-8 glasses of water per day. Actually, that's good advice at any time. Try to make it PURE or PURIFIED water. The fluoride they put in most water in Australia can be removed via reverse osmosis.

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